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Amazing Games Funded on Kickstarter


Under the pressure of new corporations that are stepping up the game in the gaming industry, the golden age of the Kickstarter production is slowly starting to decrease. In 2016 and 2017 they have raised the less money than in the previous years, due to a lack of high – profile projects. But, let’s remind ourselves what awesome games this production brought us in the past.


If you are a fan of Star Track, then you must know that this is the best video game that is ever made, featuring the popular plot. It put the player in control of a small spacecraft, which guides his from planet to planet in order to stop the evil empire. Whit each stop, the player can explore various possibilities and sometimes you will be a force to enter a ship to ship combat.

The Banner Saga

The Nordic mythology and a turn – based system game made The Banner Saga famous. The players love challenging games, and The Banner Saga allowed them in and out of combat challenges and tough decisions they needed to overcome. The original game was very successful that in 2016 it got a sequel called The Banner Saga 2.

Shovel Knight

With a classic design and with a retro – inspired game, the Kickstarter scored a hit with a Shovel Night because the audience loved it. The player controls the main character, a knight, who uses a shovel to dig and bounce his way through the armies of enemies. Even though the game resembles a lot on an NES classic Mega Man, the developers still managed to create something new, which will attract the bigger audience.


Based on the title, the Hyper Light Drifter didn’t even have to become a big name to score a success. By creating a unique setting, the aesthetics of the game was enough to satisfy even the most demanding players. For people who had an adventurous spirit, this game was a real refreshment; it was packed with action and with challenging situations, which from time to time is hard to overcome.

Darkest Dungeon

The evil and occult theme of the game brought an enormous popularity to its developers because players love mysterious and magic things behind the scene. Under the influence of magic, as characters pass the mission, they become crazier and crazier. Managing the character’s sanity becomes the only task for the players.