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Amazing Games Funded on Kickstarter


Under the pressure of new corporations that are stepping up the game in the gaming industry, the golden age of the Kickstarter production is slowly starting to decrease. In 2016 and 2017 they have raised the less money than in the previous years, due to a lack of high – profile projects. But, let’s remind ourselves what awesome games this production brought us in the past.


If you are a fan of Star Track, then you must know that this is the best video game that is ever made, featuring the popular plot. It put the player in control of a small spacecraft, which guides his from planet to planet in order to stop the evil empire. Whit each stop, the player can explore various possibilities and sometimes you will be a force to enter a ship to ship combat.

The Banner Saga

The Nordic mythology and a turn – based system game made The Banner Saga famous. The players love challenging games, and The Banner Saga allowed them in and out of combat challenges and tough decisions they needed to overcome. The original game was very successful that in 2016 it got a sequel called The Banner Saga 2.

Shovel Knight

With a classic design and with a retro – inspired game, the Kickstarter scored a hit with a Shovel Night because the audience loved it. The player controls the main character, a knight, who uses a shovel to dig and bounce his way through the armies of enemies. Even though the game resembles a lot on an NES classic Mega Man, the developers still managed to create something new, which will attract the bigger audience.


Based on the title, the Hyper Light Drifter didn’t even have to become a big name to score a success. By creating a unique setting, the aesthetics of the game was enough to satisfy even the most demanding players. For people who had an adventurous spirit, this game was a real refreshment; it was packed with action and with challenging situations, which from time to time is hard to overcome.

Darkest Dungeon

The evil and occult theme of the game brought an enormous popularity to its developers because players love mysterious and magic things behind the scene. Under the influence of magic, as characters pass the mission, they become crazier and crazier. Managing the character’s sanity becomes the only task for the players.

Call of Duty WW2: Back to Basics


There is no single person in this world who hasn’t heard about the popular game Call of Duty, but after the series of unsuccessful attempts to surpass the original title and to create the better game, the developers have decided to go back to its roots.

In 2016, with the Infinity Warfare, the company tried to create something else, but it didn’t get a good response with the audience. So, Thomas Tipple, an activation chief operating officer, announced that traditional combat would once again take center stage in this game. They have been excited about this new approach, and they think that gaming community will love to play old – new game.

While the Infinity Warfare gameplay was full of innovations, it wasn’t appealing to the fans of Call of Duty, and they didn’t provide positive feedback. This is one of the reasons why they are returning the game to the basic while still trying to keep the balance with the innovations.

The Call of Duty series started in 2003, and it was a big surprise for many players. But, they soon recognized the value and the game kept their interests. Now, more than 15 years later, it is hard to be innovative and to introduce the new elements, without losing the old touch and this is exactly what the developers will try to do with the new sequel.

For people who enjoy the classic combat, fighting Germans in The Second World War and passing through missions, the new back to the basic concept will be real refreshment. One of the main reason why developers are adopting the old layout and combat style is because the Infinite Warfare had more than 3.4 million of dislikes on YouTube. This is a significant figure for the game which used dominate the gaming community. The developers decided to change something and to regain the trust the players once hand in them.

2016 was a tough year for Call of Duty, but it is clear that this franchise won’t give up and it will continue to command the audience. Even with a bad reputation in the last couple of years, the Call of Duty still records a high number of active monthly users, which only proves how popular this game is.

Destiny 2, Will it Fix its Predecessor’s Shortcomings


The original Destiny was a very good game, and many players enjoyed it. It involved a lot of gunplay, gear to grind and some really adventurous moments. Let’ be honest, it was far from perfect, and some of the bugs were annoying as the game progressed and now we have a Destiny 2 which freaked out many players. We all feared that we would be experiencing the same situation all over again with the Destiny 2, but luckily, the developers fixed all bugs and everything that we hated about the first game.

The entire game has a lot of cinematic sequences which make players and the world inside of game much more present. When you select a new character, you will be briefed about the things you need to know and what role they play in the game. This is very helpful, especially if you are a beginner. For example, what are your services and when they are needed? In addition to this, you can use a small button that has a purpose of reminding you about the things, in case you forget.

With the new navigation system, you can open a window and see where you are at any moment. Whether you pick a new mission of objectives, you will always know your location and current quest status. Also, you will be able to launch new missions without returning to orbit, unless you want that.

Public events are displayed on a navigation map, and it shows you when the next event will happen. In this case, you can track and complete them, or choose to ignore them.

Loading time has significantly been improved with this game. Not like the former Destiny 1, you could take a coffee with a friend, and when you get back, it will be ready to launch. Although, starting new missions without returning to orbit, will save you a significant portion of time and nerves.

As you can notice, the Destiny 2 has several improvements, which can turn a boring and tedious game into a fun one. The developers managed to fix almost every failure in order to provide the gamers a pleasant experience with this new sequel. Tell us your experience, what do you think about new Destiny 2?

Free MMOs That You Shouldn’t Miss


We have hit the fall, and 2017 will soon be behind us. The gaming industry doesn’t sleep; they big companies are producing the new games as we speak. So, as we await the new surprises from the gaming world, we should address the games that are still highly popular and the games you don’t want to miss. Check out our list of popular MMOs you should play at least once.


If you love to make a decision in real time and suffer the consequences of the same, then the Lost Ark is the right game for you. It features a lot of combat, decision making, clever puzzles, dungeons, bosses and a lot of small activities to spend time in between. The game looks and mover perfectly due to a large budget and high production.


The game features a captivating art style that has ever created in MMO. Some players might not be fans of oiled design and beautiful female characters, but you would be wrong to say anything bad about the graphics. While the combat is flashy and challenging, you shouldn’t expect anything epic to happen. The entire scene is set up for creative minds, and you can make that conclusion based on a beautiful music that plays throughout the scenes.


This game has made an unexpected turn in Europe and North America, even though many people doubted its success. The Herowarz is cartoonish like a game with a stunning action. At moments this game is polished, on the other hand, it can be chaotic so players can have a hard time tracking what is happening on the screen, but that’s what is making Herowarz so exciting. But, this game is perfect even for beginners because its light structure makes it easy to handle.


NCsoft had made a huge score when it created this game, and it remains as one of the most profitable. But, with the Twilight Resistance, they are trying to create something new and to add a spike to an old series. One of the hallmarks of the game is that the players can control some skills with the movement of the mouse.

Most Anticipated Games of 2018


The gaming world is changing as we speak. This industry is creating games that are better in every aspect, making visual effects and plot that resembles movies and this is one of the reasons why people enjoy so much playing games. So, here are some of them we are looking forward to trying in 2018.

Shadow of the Colossus

The biggest reveal in this year was the return of the 2005 classic Shadow of the Colossus. With giant beats fighting and amazing graphics, this game promises a lot of fun. The Sony announced Shadow of the Colossus for the 2018 and games lovers can’t wait to come.

Beyond Good And Evil 2

It has been almost 11 years since the original title was made. The setting of the game will be transferred to another world. If you are a fan of the movie Fifth Element, then you will love Beyond Good And Evil 2. The game supports Xbox and PC.

Metro: Exodus

The post-apocalyptic future awaits us in the Metro: Exodus and this is a pattern that has proven to be the most appealing for the majority of players. The game is set to be released in 2018, and it can be played on Xbox and PC. Eternal fight between monsters and men is the main topic of this game. With the limited ammunition, the men will try to defeat the monsters, and this makes this game even more thrilling.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

The release date is 27th October 2018, the game will be available on Xbox, and the plot is set in an ancient Egypt. If you are a fan of this franchise, then you will love this game because we haven’t spotted any major changes, besides graphics, which will blow your mind.

Far Cry 5

The sequel to the popular game, Far Cry 5 is set to the fictional United States and the story follows the preacher who is more interested into gangs fighting than in religion. The game promises a lot of fighting, shooting, and flying.

Strange Brigade

With a lot of British charm, the Strange Brigade represents an exotic safari of forgotten lands. If you love to explore unknown worlds and to discover the adventures, then this game is the right option for you.

The Future of Assassin’s Creed


Nowadays, it’s hard to find a game that has managed to survive the initial success and keep the attention of its fans after several sequels. But, Assassin’s Creed is one of them and with every new series they are becoming even better. Looking from this point, the future of Assassin’s Creed has never been brighter, even if the traditional story becomes less important.

Since the beginning of the franchise, the players had a chance to go through various adventures, stabbing the opponents with Illuminati blades during the Third Crusade, The Renaissance, The Colonial Era and the French Revolution. If you could imagine one stunt that was so difficult to pull out, with Assassin’s Creed everything became possible.

So, what the future of this franchise, when we have seen so many great things from them?

Based on some rumor the new Assassin’s Creed will be named the Origins, and it will come out this year, and it will be a prequel, the actual game might be released between now and March 31, 2018. The storyline was set in Egypt and based on some photoaged that appeared online; the initial scene represents the main characters sailing in a boat on the Nile. But, we can conclude from the previous sequel, when Revelations suggested that Darim, Altair’s son should take one piece of Eden to Alexandria, the ancient capital of Egypt.

For some, the Pyramids might not be the most exciting sight while playing, but in this sequel, we will probably be playing a slave or an ex-slave that resembles Altair a lot. Considering that we are going back to an ancient Egypt, there was no internet back then, and this period is still hazy for historians, we can expect slight alterations, which wasn’t the case with the previous games. In the previous series, Assassin’s Creed games were close to reality.

The internal world of the game will be three times bigger than Black Flag, but we are yet to see how the graphics will behave on PC. If it runs well, we are all for that. It will be open world, and if we are talking about Egypt, we can expect to see open fields of desserts, which won’t give you a lot of places to hide and climb.

This will be a challenge for many players, where they would need to prove their skills and mastery.

Top 10 Strategy Games You Should Play


The market has been flooded with strategy games and players have a hard time to decide which one to choose. Especially because they challenge your mind and make you compete with experts. You will have to prove your skills as well as your dominance in the virtual world. So, here is our choice.

Civilization VI

This year the franchise celebrates the 25th anniversary, with a new soundtrack and fantastic cartoonish look. The game will keep its original style, and reaching for the stars will remain the primary foundation of the game.

Offworld Trading Company

Another favorite strategy game and it comes from the Civilization VI factory. The storyline goes around exploring the neighboring planet Mars and discovering treasures and fortunes.


If you are a fan of galactic games, then Stellaris is the right choice for you. The players have an opportunity to create unique species, for example, you can build backs of slaves of super – intelligent army of lizards.


The game uses the series of stressful situations to push you into a dilemma. At some point, you will be all over the place to try to combat your enemies or to build your empire.

Total War: Warhammer

This game represents a real – time strategy to play. The players have several modes they can choose and find the best mode will determine your success in this game.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The Heroes of Warcraft is the free online game, and it is similar to collectible card games. The mixture of expansive lore, challenging game play, and excellent graphics will make this game a total hit.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

The game is so packed with lore that you don’t have an option, but just jump on board and engage in play. The Shadows of Valentia also includes a great storyline.

Tropico 5

Who doesn’t want to be a dictator and rule some imaginary country? Well, with Tropico 5 you have that chance, at least while playing.

Prison Architect

Prove your strategy skills while running the prison. You will in charge of every operation which happens in jail.

Cities Skylines

Build your own city, manage its infrastructure and prevent it from crumbling to the ground.

What can we Expect from Anthem?


The Anthem is a portrayed as an action adventure, and it’s not a role-playing experience. Their team of developers said that game might even slightly deviate from a genre. But, one thing is sure, we can expect for a character to further develop, as well as the storyline. Based on a trailer, an Anthem represents the world in a distant future, which is full of life. The beautiful scenery and an amazing graphics will blow your mind away. The players only hope they will be able to explore it to some extent.

Even though we don’t have a role – playing tag in the game, players will be able to interact with different characters inside the structures and unlock precious elements.

Considering the action, this game has stepped up, and players won’t be using the traditional weaponry. We have a futuristic system of weapons, so gamers will use advanced guns to fight the enemies and it will space for improvement, depending on your skills.

We still don’t have a confirmation, but we can be 90% sure that this game will feature a multi – player options. This a great chance who everyone who loves to compete in real time.

Mortality system is an important part of this entire game. The developers are trying a new concept which they hope it will bring them a success. You should live with your choices, or either die trying to change them. This is a powerful motivation for all gamers who are ready to invest some time this game.

We are not sure when the release date will be, but according to their YouTube channel, it will be published next spring. It will support platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. So, if you love combating enemies and far away future, then this game is the right choice for you because it will challenge your skills and make you deliver hard decisions. After all, based on the title, this game will surely give you a lot of fun while playing and you shouldn’t miss its release.