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Call of Duty WW2: Back to Basics


There is no single person in this world who hasn’t heard about the popular game Call of Duty, but after the series of unsuccessful attempts to surpass the original title and to create the better game, the developers have decided to go back to its roots.

In 2016, with the Infinity Warfare, the company tried to create something else, but it didn’t get a good response with the audience. So, Thomas Tipple, an activation chief operating officer, announced that traditional combat would once again take center stage in this game. They have been excited about this new approach, and they think that gaming community will love to play old – new game.

While the Infinity Warfare gameplay was full of innovations, it wasn’t appealing to the fans of Call of Duty, and they didn’t provide positive feedback. This is one of the reasons why they are returning the game to the basic while still trying to keep the balance with the innovations.

The Call of Duty series started in 2003, and it was a big surprise for many players. But, they soon recognized the value and the game kept their interests. Now, more than 15 years later, it is hard to be innovative and to introduce the new elements, without losing the old touch and this is exactly what the developers will try to do with the new sequel.

For people who enjoy the classic combat, fighting Germans in The Second World War and passing through missions, the new back to the basic concept will be real refreshment. One of the main reason why developers are adopting the old layout and combat style is because the Infinite Warfare had more than 3.4 million of dislikes on YouTube. This is a significant figure for the game which used dominate the gaming community. The developers decided to change something and to regain the trust the players once hand in them.

2016 was a tough year for Call of Duty, but it is clear that this franchise won’t give up and it will continue to command the audience. Even with a bad reputation in the last couple of years, the Call of Duty still records a high number of active monthly users, which only proves how popular this game is.