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Destiny 2, Will it Fix its Predecessor’s Shortcomings


The original Destiny was a very good game, and many players enjoyed it. It involved a lot of gunplay, gear to grind and some really adventurous moments. Let’ be honest, it was far from perfect, and some of the bugs were annoying as the game progressed and now we have a Destiny 2 which freaked out many players. We all feared that we would be experiencing the same situation all over again with the Destiny 2, but luckily, the developers fixed all bugs and everything that we hated about the first game.

The entire game has a lot of cinematic sequences which make players and the world inside of game much more present. When you select a new character, you will be briefed about the things you need to know and what role they play in the game. This is very helpful, especially if you are a beginner. For example, what are your services and when they are needed? In addition to this, you can use a small button that has a purpose of reminding you about the things, in case you forget.

With the new navigation system, you can open a window and see where you are at any moment. Whether you pick a new mission of objectives, you will always know your location and current quest status. Also, you will be able to launch new missions without returning to orbit, unless you want that.

Public events are displayed on a navigation map, and it shows you when the next event will happen. In this case, you can track and complete them, or choose to ignore them.

Loading time has significantly been improved with this game. Not like the former Destiny 1, you could take a coffee with a friend, and when you get back, it will be ready to launch. Although, starting new missions without returning to orbit, will save you a significant portion of time and nerves.

As you can notice, the Destiny 2 has several improvements, which can turn a boring and tedious game into a fun one. The developers managed to fix almost every failure in order to provide the gamers a pleasant experience with this new sequel. Tell us your experience, what do you think about new Destiny 2?