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Free MMOs That You Shouldn’t Miss


We have hit the fall, and 2017 will soon be behind us. The gaming industry doesn’t sleep; they big companies are producing the new games as we speak. So, as we await the new surprises from the gaming world, we should address the games that are still highly popular and the games you don’t want to miss. Check out our list of popular MMOs you should play at least once.


If you love to make a decision in real time and suffer the consequences of the same, then the Lost Ark is the right game for you. It features a lot of combat, decision making, clever puzzles, dungeons, bosses and a lot of small activities to spend time in between. The game looks and mover perfectly due to a large budget and high production.


The game features a captivating art style that has ever created in MMO. Some players might not be fans of oiled design and beautiful female characters, but you would be wrong to say anything bad about the graphics. While the combat is flashy and challenging, you shouldn’t expect anything epic to happen. The entire scene is set up for creative minds, and you can make that conclusion based on a beautiful music that plays throughout the scenes.


This game has made an unexpected turn in Europe and North America, even though many people doubted its success. The Herowarz is cartoonish like a game with a stunning action. At moments this game is polished, on the other hand, it can be chaotic so players can have a hard time tracking what is happening on the screen, but that’s what is making Herowarz so exciting. But, this game is perfect even for beginners because its light structure makes it easy to handle.


NCsoft had made a huge score when it created this game, and it remains as one of the most profitable. But, with the Twilight Resistance, they are trying to create something new and to add a spike to an old series. One of the hallmarks of the game is that the players can control some skills with the movement of the mouse.